• Image of The GOLD CRONY (instant crony)

Welcome to the GOLD CRONY.
Bearers of the GOLD CRONY become 'exclusive' members of the elite GOLD CRONY network. Old cronyism worked on which school you went to, who you played rugby for, what your surname was and where you came from, which golf club you were with, how much you 'contributed' to 'fund' raising events or how vigorously you were willing to grease a senior figures pole.
Well not any more... for the price of this sticker you will automatically become part of the GOLD CRONY network. A new network of cronies that will endeavour to fast track, over rule, favour or bias anyone that bears the GOLD CRONY. A unique element of the GOLD CRONY is that women will be allowed to become cronies, this is a first in the world of cronyism as previous to the GOLD CRONY only villainous old bastards were permitted to be cronies.
Bear the GOLD CRONY with pride and watch the backhanders roll in.

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