• Image of ‘YOU'RE LOOKING WELL GUARD’ Tax/Insurance/NCT Disc Holder

'YOU'RE LOOKING WELL GUARD' is now coated in phosphorescent ink which glows when the Guard hits it with his torch as they study your particulars. This will both warm the Guards chilly soul and also make them think you are a 'ghost vehicle'. Inside the vehicle there is a patriotic harp to remind you of people like Jim Larkin and Michael Collins as you drive along. There is also a list of helpful things to tell the Guard in case of emergencies.

This oft overlooked piece of equipment has cried out for a redesign perhaps since the dawn of motoring. Sceptics will point to the 'Keep Going Sure It's Grand' slogan and label this a callow branding of a standard Tax/Insurance/NCT disc holder but no, this device has so much more to offer. Not only is it lovingly crafted from 100% genuine pleather in a shade of patriotic Kelly Green but on the outside or 'Guard side', lies the complimentary phrase 'You're looking well guard'.

Every motorist has experienced that anguish inducing tax and insurance check point moment where a big, unhappy Guard peers suspiciously into the passenger side of their vehicle. As a law abiding citizen, which I am very sure you are, you'll be gestured on with an invariably surly, flourescent-clad sweep of the arm. But it doesn't have to be like this. I want to take the surly out of Síochana and make this a more pleasant experience for both you and the hungry Guard. For you see, the phrase will go straight into the Guard subconscious, taming them and making them believe you are OK. Thus waving you on and also putting a little spring in their step making a cold, hungry Guard slightly happy as you drive to freedom.

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